Using my noodle

A couple of weeks ago I was tasked with bringing a colleagues design to life quickly, and on a budget. The design was great and, though cheap, fast & good usually spells disaster, I was planning to spend my weekend trying to do much the same on a pet project so it seemed like an ideal opportunity.

The site is for a multi-channel business solutions provider called ‘Big Noodle’ and is a single-page site navigated with anchor links. I tackled the project using WordPress (as I always do) and an incredible theme called Enfold as a back-bone.

The build was completed fairly quickly using a child theme of Enfold and most of the site infrastructure was easily implemented with the theme’s unique layout builder. Incidentally, this also makes for an extremely intuitive client CMS. Most of the work went in to styling within the child.css which was simple but time consuming when I reached browser testing.

Once the desktop site was completed I then started to look at the responsive states and added a number of media queries. The final result (which you can see at is a real acheivement for me as a bespoke design realised (almost) pixel perfectly without the aid of a developer. You can see the full project here.

Next up for me is to build a theme from scratch. Watch this space…