Studio: De Montfort University

Position: Designer

Skills: Graphic design, advertising, web design

The Background
The challenge was a simple one. Collaborate with three fellow students to create the publicity materials for the end-of-course degree show.

The Solution
Working with some exceptionally talented coursemates we created a series of litho printed posters with a photocopied, black ‘X’ on each. There are 36 ‘X’s, one for every exhibiting graduate. Serifed ‘X’s denote illustrators, sans-serif designers and slab-serifs photographers. Each ‘X’ contains a black and white scan that the student feels reflects their time on the course.

The Results
The degree show was a roaring success with many industry professionals coming to view thanks to the publicity work we had done. The work we did set a new precedent for the years which followed, each using our naming convention and low-cost printing techniques to maximise impact.

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