Studio: Freelance

Position: Lead Developer

Skills: CSS, PHP, HTML, MySQL & WordPress

The Background
I was asked to bring a colleague’s beautiful designs for Big Noodle’s website to life in a CMS platform of my choice.

The Solution
Looking at all the requirements, tight deadline and the need for an extremely robust responsive CSS, I decided to use WordPress (always my preferred platform) and base the site on the theme Enfold. Carl’s design is a beautiful, one-page affair with excellent colour play and eased anchor links. The key things for the build was responsive consideration at every turn, easing on the all-important anchor links and a a pixel-perfect rendering of the design in all standard browsers.

The Results
The site, despite being the first site I’ve developed solo but not designed, turned out perfectly. I utilised a number of plugins, plenty of CSS and a pinch of (frantically self-taught) PHP all to great avail.


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