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This website is my online portfolio; a selection of my best and most recent design work across print, web, motion and interactive. You can read about how the site was created, what makes it special and why it looks the way it does here in the blog.
I am Tom O’Callaghan, a visual communications designer based in Leicester, UK. This website is my online portfolio showcasing some of my best work in multiple disciplines.

Since graduating from De Montfort University in 2010 with a 2:1 honours degree in Graphic Design, I have been Creative Director at 19 Grams; an award winning creative design studio set up and run by myself and university course mate Chris Seed. Organisations I have worked with include Warner Bros, TalkTalk, Leicester City Council and Alcatel Lucent. Working with such established clients has enabled me to develop not only valuable design skills, but also a valuable and useful skill set for handling projects and project teams.

During my time at 19 Grams, I was the senior designer at the top of a team working on projects such as the award-winning studio branding and animation work for Warner Bros. My duties included ensuring projects ran smoothly with my team and an additional number of freelance contributors. I managed the client’s feedback and ensuring projects stayed on brief. Art directing my team to deliver excellent results was my key goal. Utilising effective communication skills, I developed and maintained successful working relationships with external contractors and valuable clients alike.

Since June 2012 I have been a designer at Newenglish Design in Leicester as part of a seven person studio team working in print, web media and interior design for clients such as Honda UK, Pochin and De Montfort University.

I am looking to find a position in a creative and vibrant agency, where I can bring immediate value to the established team and develop my current skills further. You can visit me on Pinterest, Twitter, Dribble and LinkedIn using the icons in the footer of this page or download my CV from the CV page.

my skills

  • Vector & iconography using Adobe Illustrator
  • Editorial & layout design using Adobe InDesign
  • Photo-manipulation & web design using Adobe Photoshop
  • User Interface & Interactive design
  • 2 & 2.5D animation & motion graphics using Adobe After Effects
  • HTML & CSS (also a passing knowledge of PHP)
  • Digital & analogue photography (including studio lighting work)

my experience

Newenglish Design, Designer
18/06/2012 – 06/09/2013

I joined Newenglish at a busy time for the studio. I have been a valuable asset to the team as a digitally literate designer, helping push a traditionally print-led team towards web and digital outputs. I have learned a great deal of skills in my time with Newenglish Design, such as:

  • Working as part of an internal team and collaborating on complex campaigns
  • Working with public sector clients
  • Interior design skills and invaluable colour work experience
  • Editorial & layout design for collaboartive workflows

19 Grams, Creative Director

Myself and business partner Chris set up 19 Grams during the end of our degree course. The studio has since won a number of awards for both design and business acumen as well as becoming an established name locally. I have gained a great variety of skills and achievements in my time with 19 Grams, such as:

  • Fine tuning my design skills to excel in industry
  • Managing internal and external teams
  • Art directing external image makers and managing web developers
  • Managing clients such as Warner Bros, Alcatel Lucent & Cheshire Council
  • Learning & implementing small/medium business marketing media & strategies
  • Adapting my skills to changes in web standards & technologies

Innersmile, Junior Designer
01/03/2009 – 30/07/2009

I joined the team at Innersmile to help with the design and installation of 11 interior spaces for Stoke City Council. I also worked on a number of editorials for charities and public bodies. Innersmile specialise in design for the Youth market and work with public bodies in areas such as branding, print, editorial and interior design. I learnt a great deal of skills in my time with Innersmile, such as:

  • Working as part of an internal team
  • Working with public sector clients
  • Interior design skills for the youth market
  • Editorial & layout design for the youth market
  • Typography manipulation & vector illustratio

Jellyfish Creative,  Designer
09/09/2013 – present

my awards & accolades

Worldwide Logo Design (WOLDA) Award
2010 – One of only 12 winners in the UK for the 19 Grams studio logo.

A14 Printfinishing Award
2010 – Awarded for innovative advertising proposal.

PayPal Ideas 101 Advertising Award
2010 – Awarded for innovative advertising concept.

Lloyds TSB Enterprise Award
2012 – Regional finalist as Creative Director for 19 Grams.

Creative Leicestershire Graduate Business Award
2010 – For exceptional business planning and presentation skills as Creative Director for 19 Grams.

SWATCH Exhibition Curator
2011 – LCB Depot, Leicester.

Branding Element: Logos, Published 2011
2011 – Branding work for Amoureuse internationally published.

my education

De Montfort University, Graphic Design (BA Hons) 2:1
24/09/2007 – 16/07/2010

In my time at University I worked on a number of innovative self-directed and ‘live’ projects both individually and with a team.  During my course I learnt and built on a great number of valuable skills:

  • Working with a team of diverse tastes
  • Evaluating cultural & historic design connotations
  • Appreciating & understanding art & design history & theory
  • Looking at work critically & analytically
  • Writing in-depth studies on works and issues within the design industry.


I also have 9 GCSE’s Grade A-C and 3 A-Levels from the Grange School, Cheshire
01/09/2000 – 31/07/2007